A poorly drafted text or containing errors undermines not only the effectiveness of the message you are trying to convey, but it also becomes your worst business card. At our Santander-based translation agency, we work with native proofreaders who ensure that your texts are error-free and check the grammar, syntax, spelling and style of all types of texts.

Proofreading includes correcting spelling and grammatical errors and the appropriate use of typography, quotation marks, and other elements that shape the text. Proofreaders unify the use of italics, boldface, numerals, etc., so the final result is coherent.

Proofreading, as the name suggests, consists of improving the style of the text. This is done by enriching the text with synonyms, improving the vocabulary, eliminating redundancies and cacophony and selecting the most appropriate terminology.

Sometimes it is not easy to find the middle ground and decide whether something needs to be corrected or whether it is part of the author’s style, so it is crucial to have specialised professionals to take care of this service. Proofreading, correction and checking grammar, syntax, spelling and style of all manner of texts.