Sworn translations

Quality assurance and legality of the translation



A sworn translation is an official translation bearing the stamp, signature and certification of a sworn translator and must always be delivered on paper.

Sworn translators are official translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, accredited and qualified as sworn translators or interpreters. At our Santander-based translation agency, official sworn translators guarantee the quality and legality of our translations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a list of accredited official translators who are the only translators authorised to give your translation legal validity and official status.

A sworn translation or official translation is required for documents drafted in another language that must have legal effect before an official body. In other words, the need for this type of translation is required by certain authorities, such as the public administration, the courts or universities. These bodies, whether Spanish or foreign, are the ones that require the translation submitted to be sworn. The sworn translator’s signature, stamp and certification attest to the accuracy of the translation.

Sworn translations are always delivered on paper, but we can also scan the translation and send it to you by email. However, only the original document will be legal. Sworn translations may be printed on stamped or plain paper. Although our office is in Cantabria, we work for companies and clients all over Spain. In this case, sworn translations are delivered by registered post or by courier with a 24-hour delivery service, so deadlines are not a problem, and we can adjust to the needs of our clients.

Among the most popular documents are:

  • Sworn translation of birth certificates
  • Sworn translation of criminal record certificates
  • Sworn translation of judgments or court decisions
  • Sworn translation of diplomas and academic records
  • Sworn translation of medical certificates
  • Sworn translation of ID cards, passports or family books
  • Sworn translation of residence permits
  • Sworn translation of marriage certificates
  • Sworn translation of divorce, marriage annulment or separation certificates
  • Sworn translation of death certificates
  • Sworn translation of wills and inheritance agreements
  • Sworn translation of powers of attorney
  • Sworn translations of public tenders
  • Sworn translation of notarial deeds
  • Sworn translation of contracts
  • Sworn translation of articles of association
  • Sworn translation of patents