Translation services

Each translation is done respecting the specific terminology of the original text.



At Ipsum Traducciones, we firmly believe that a good translation is one that does not look like a good translation. In other words, the end document should not look like a translation but like an original text and sound fluent and authentic.

Translation is present in all areas of our lives. Translating a technical manual differs from translating a legal document. This is why all our collaborators are professional translators specialised in a particular field: legal texts, financial texts, medical reports, technical manuals, advertising brochures, etc.

We work with a wide range of languages and offer a quality translation service in Santander. We adapt to all types of assignments and work with both companies and private clients who entrust us with the translation of their documents.

We strive to ensure that the final result of the translation respects the specific terminology of each assignment and each client.